Die Band
Henning Reyers - Guitar and Vocals
Henning’s mother, a talented singer and harmonica player, gave him a Hohner Melodica when he was only three. When he was six, his grandparents bought him his first guitar. He started to teach himself to play at age ten and hasn’t stopped playing since. He played in a progressive rock band in Lower Saxony for several years, and also played lead guitar in a Dortmund based Genesis cover band. After a few years without a steady band, playing as a musical free agent in top 40 cover groups, he met Dugald Sturges in 2013 and the idea for PilGrims in ProGress was born. Ever since he first heard "Wish You Were Here" at a neighbor’s house in 1975 he has been fascinated by Pink Floyd; about the same time he discovered his favorite band, the “old 5-piece” Genesis. He is also a fan of more recent neo-prog bands like Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, Marillion, The Flower Kings and progressive metal bands like Dream Theater and Shadow Gallery. And we should not forget the classic East German band Karat. Stephen Hackett and David Gilmour are his all-time heroes; more recently his focus has also been on the work of Steve Howe, Alex Lifeson and Steve Morse. Henning plays Les Pauls, Stratocasters and Music Man guitars; Fender, Engl and Mesa Boogie Amps are his choice.
phone: 0049-160-8459501
Dugald Sturges - Bass and Vocals
…originally from Upstate New York, he gathered his first band experience as keyboarder, guitarist und bassist there and in Maine. His first festival and TV gigs were with Sunnyland Revisited (formerly the Sunnyland Farmboys – who reunited in Catskill, NY in May 2019 for a 40th anniversary concert). Thereafter he was a founding member of Jehovah‘s Favorite Choir, a regionally successful Grateful Dead Tribute Band. After moving to Germany he didn’t perform for many years, but continued to be active as a lyricist, collaborating in the 1990s on numerous songs with Savino Batanov. In 2013 he and Henning Reyers founded the PilGrims in ProGress. His musical heroes include Chris Squire, Geddy Lee and Roger Glover. It is therefore not surprising that his favorite bands are Deep Purple, Rush and Yes. But Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Runrig, Robert Plant and David Bowie are also at the top of his personal playlist. His “weapon of choice” is his Rickenbacker 4003 (although he has also been sighted with a Peavey Dynabass and a Hagström HB-8). He plays exclusively through amps by EBS Sweden and is glad to be a member of the EBS Family.
phone: 0049-176-96824953
André Straschewski - Keyboards
Ever since his childhood, André has been an enthusiastic keyboarder and loves progressive rock music. His favorites from the very beginning have been Genesis, Yes and Pink Floyd. He was and still is inspired and influenced by the great masters and pioneers of rock keyboards, in particular Rick Wakeman, Tony Banks und Jon Lord. After years of formal musical training and playing in high school bands, he continued to play in various projects until his university studies and subsequent career took precedence over the stage. In the meantime he kept refining his keyboard skills, but, alas, his music was only heard at home. We are therefore all the more pleased that he has decided to bring his talents back out into the open as a member of PilGrims in ProGress!
phone: 0049-172-4697286
Guy Manderscheid - Drums
Born in Luxembourg, Guy began playing drums at age 12 (which was a few years ago…). From the very outset he was involved in jazz rock and progressive rock projects. His passion for experimentation and pushing the envelope of his musical horizons later lead to his exploration of the possibilities of electronic percussion, synthesizers and samplers in a wide range of musical projects, including techno, dance and trance. However, he feels most at home behind his double-bass drum kit. Since 2000 he has been involved in various rock cover, hard rock and metal bands in the Cologne/Bonn area, including the MissTakes and Atrium Noctis. Besides PilGrims in ProGress, which he joined in 2015, he currently can also be heard with Not Yet Defined. His influences are drum greats like Mike Portnoy, Simon Phillips, Neil Peart and Scott Higham and he is a fan of progressive and progressive metal bands like the Neil Morse Band, Flying Colors, Dream Theater, Transatlantic, PFM and Spock´s Beard. His preferred kit consists of Tama, DrumCraft, Paiste and Sabian elements and he also markets his own lines of drum accessories, “StickySticks.de“ and “DrumDumpers.de”.
phone: 0049-177-2180285
Luís Pires - Gitarre
Many years ago in Portugal, Luís’ father brought home an old guitar. Luís, about 9 years old at the time, started learning some simple popular tunes on that old guitar (which still exists, by the way). Together with some other kids, Luís taught himself to play the guitar. When he was about 15 years old he also started to play bass. He grew up listening to progressive rock bands and artists like Yes, ELP, Genesis, Camel, Gentle Giant, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa, among others. However, he was also fascinated and influenced by jazz greats like Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell, Weather Report, Chick Corea, John Patitucci and Keith Jarrett. The first band he played in was Warehouse 12, who only played original songs. For professional reasons he moved to the Cologne/Bonn area in 2005. Here he played in several local formations, most recently the O. F. Band. Luís plays Fernandes, Fender and Gibson electric guitars, as well as acoustic guitars by Seagull und Framus.
Telefon: 0049-1578-494-2100